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Would you encourage your husband to build the ball pit of his dreams?

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Meredith Goldstein answers complex questions on the Season 4 premiere of the Like Letters podcast.

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A Appreciate Letters problem: What would you say if your partner informed you he desired to invest hundreds of dollars to construct a ball pit in your dwelling? 

Not for your young children, but for himself…because he’s normallyactually wanted a ball pit. (Certainly, I’m chatting about the sort of point you’d see at a Chuck-E-Cheese or McDonald’s.)

Would you really encourage him to make the ball pit of his dreams? Would you stand in the way? What if, in this circumstance, you had 4 young children and a ton of home fees? 

These intricate concerns are answered on the Period 4 premiere of the Adore Letters podcast, which drops right now. In the episode, a courageous guest tells me the story of how her partner turned 40 and determined he desired a ball pit to be pleased. She points out how she responded to that exceptional request and what she learned about her marriage together the way.

The theme of Period 4 is “At Any Age,” which indicates every episode will feature a person telling me the story of the most important marriage they’ve acquired and the age they have been when they discovered it.

If you want to know what a ball pit can train you about partnership, just take a hear on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or on the player on Enjoy Letters. Prepare to hear stories from men and women from 17 to 70.

This year will be a excellent distraction, so dive in.

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