7 Tips to prevent burglary in the summer

7 Tips to prevent burglary in the summer

During the summer, burglaries – portes asfaleias – are more common, because thieves take advantage of the fact of your long absence. So as long as you are enjoying your vacation, they will invade your house undisturbed and steal valuable things and money that you have earned with a lot of effort. If you do not want your house to be robbed, you need to follow some basic 7 tips to prevent theft and burglary. Summer is a time of rest and relaxation and not a time directly linked to crimes against your property.

First, hide what you have in your possession. Under no circumstances should you leave what is of value to you in plain sight. Choose places that no one would suspect. Take care that your house does not look empty, because the empty house betrays your absence. If burglars find out that you are missing, then they are more likely to see your house as their next target. Of course, do not forget to lock every security door and every window of your house.

Ask someone you trust to visit the house regularly to check on its condition. Finally, if you can, install a security system. Installing cameras and alarms will drive any burglar out of your property.

Theft prevention tips are not just about items inside your home. You too can fall victim to theft during your holiday season. For example, the risk of theft is increased on the beaches, as there are many thieves lurking.

The tips you should not ignore are the following:

  1. Avoid having valuable things on the beach, as these are easy targets for thieves. In addition, avoid having a lot of money with you, since you do not need it, and can be a pole of attraction for thieves.
  2. Hide your car keys, wallet and mobile phone well. Under no circumstances should they be in a conspicuous place, because they will attract the interest of thieves.
  3. Do not dive all together. Make sure there is always someone outside to take care of your things.
  4. If you intend to leave your bag in the car, be sure to place it in a place that cannot be easily seen from outside.
  5. Choose to park your car somewhere where you can see it from where you are.
  6. Lock your car, even if you do not intend to go far. Thieves have learned to take advantage of every second.
  7. Always close and lock the door of your rented room. The thief may be waiting for the right moment to act.

The above tips to prevent theft and burglary are very useful, since summer is a time plagued by this kind of crime.

Responsible behaviour helps you save money and protects you from the bad experience of violating your privacy. Take all the necessary precautions and enjoy your vacation calmly, without being afraid of anything or anyone.

Burglars in summer: Tips for the safety of your house

Summer is the period with the highest cases of burglary, but the safety of your house is a burning issue. Both in main houses and in cottages, the need for complete protection becomes imperative. In fact, since burglars do not make discounts in such cases, instead they try their “luck” with the properties of various owners.

Alfinodoor has prepared the perfect summer tips for the protection of your house and the general security of it, whether you are absent or present.

7 + 1 Tips for your house

  1. When you want to relax or sleep, do not neglect the security of your home. This means that you must lock the front security door, secure the windows and arm your alarm system. The fact that you are inside the house is not a deterrent to burglars, especially if you are sleeping at the same time.
  2. In case you need to be away from home, even for 2 minutes, focus on the proper use of your alarm.
  3. Add as a new member to your family a trained dog that will react vigorously to suspicious movements.
  4. Before you go on vacation, make sure that you have well secured the security doors and windows of your house, it would be good to have security locks so that in case of any attempt to make it difficult to enter for the prospective robber.
  5. Do not announce your activity on social media. By this we mean examples of people posting their status or even reply with a comment to a friend’s post. Therefore, pay close attention to what you declare in social media.
  6. During your absence make sure to leave a key of your house to one of your relatives so that in case of activation of the alarm he can go to the place to see what has happened.
  7. If you are present, declare your presence! Do not follow habits that show the opposite. For example, do not leave rubbish on the terrace for days and do not have permanently closed your doors and windows.

7 + 1. If, on the other hand, you are absent (due to a holiday) arm your alarm system, check its battery life and leave quietly for a carefree holiday!

Why do we have more burglaries in the summer, especially in August?

Most burglars are casual. They often take advantage of an ideal situation in an effort to make quick money. Something, as simple as a security door can sometimes be enough to prevent a burglary.

In addition to locking your doors, there are a few other ways to keep potential burglars away from your house and prevent burglary:

1. Dogs prevent burglary, like security doors

According to the National Homeland Security Council, certain dog breeds can act as deterrents to burglars. The bigger your dog, the more likely a burglar is to want to bypass your home.

A smaller dog, however, can alert you to an intruder if you are indoors. However, if you and your family are not at home, your dog may not be as much of a deterrent to prevent as a bigger dog.

Sometimes, the simple act of putting a “Dog Beware” sign on your property can also make prospective burglars think twice about trying to break in. But while the sight of a large dog can help prevent a burglary, there is not much your dog can do if the burglar enters.

This is why a dog and security doors and locks can be the most effective combination to prevent house robbery.

Do the lights prevent a burglary?

Wondering if leaving the lights on can help prevent intrusion into the house or if it just makes it easier for a burglar to see inside your home and see what he can get when he enters!

Keeping the lights on throughout your vacation can alert burglars around your house that no one is there and is a prime target for an easy robbery.

However, there are some steps you can take to prevent a burglar:

  • Set a timer on your lights to turn on and off at times you would normally use if you were home.
  • If you have an Apple Home App, you can turn the lights on and off remotely, even when you are away.
  • Use a home security system in conjunction with your lighting. If your headlights do not deter a burglar, you can minimize the time it takes to steal your belongings before the police arrive.

Do burglars knock on the door or the doorbell?

Yes… Many burglars will knock on the door or the doorbell to see if someone is home before attempting to break into the house.

If you see someone who looks suspicious – such as if you have seen them in your neighbourhood many times or are trying to be represented as a door-to-door salesman or with a local utility company – call 112 immediately and give them a description of the person.

A good description of the person can help the police stay alert if there is a potential burglar trying to break into your home or a neighbour’s home.

Make a note of the height, weight, hairstyle or any clothes or items they may have (such as a backpack) so they can look for that person in near area.

    Armed with the right knowledge – the best home security door with new technology security lock – can make all the difference and prevent a burglary.

How can you be sure that it will not happen to you?

Many burglars take advantage of the fact that they can easily break into your home or it is obviously empty, especially during the summer months, such as August.

Make your house is safe with a security door that fulfils most security parameters.


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